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Zeenat, also known as Zeetrainme, is a certified personal trainer who is determined to improving her clients and changing the lives around her.  Her fierce maturity comes from a life of experiences that has challenged her strength throughout the years. Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, she graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor’s in Nursing.  She continues to work as an ICU nurse, as she thrives from the challenge!

She started her fitness journey soon after she was married.  She began working out with her husband and learned quickly how training became a priority to her.  They continued training, with various personal trainers and an array of different training styles as her personal goals expanded.  Zee continued to learn from each of them and as her passion intensified, she became the go-to fitness expert for her friends and family.

Her glowing motivational force led her to become a certified personal trainer.  She incorporates her educational background and career into her personal training business as she is consistently helping others make better lifestyle choices.  Zee’s training style integrates diverse techniques including strength and resistance training, high intensity interval training, calisthenics, and plyometrics.  She likes to switch up her workouts to help challenge your body to it’s maximum potential.  With her dedication, her goal is to help each client embark on their fitness journey and strive towards that blissful, long, healthy journey through life.

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Bachelor's of Science in Nursing


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